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Vivesan in Hoboken Gardens

Hoboken Gardens now carries Vivesan. All you Rockland, ME folks, stop in and pick up our products. The Glass Cleaner has been incredibly popular. http://www.hobokengardens.com/

Ocean-Friendly Cleaner Debuts for Maine Fishermen

The Vivesan team brought fresh ideas to the Maine's Fishermen's Forum.

To maintain sanitary and operational equipment, fishing industry professionals must use cleaning products that eventually find their way into the watershed. However, as they look to the long term viability of their industry, commercial fishermen are actually leading demand for safer alternatives. They can now choose Vivesan, a carcinogen-free and fully biodegradable Marine Cleaner, recently showcased in March at the Maine Fishermen’s Forum, an annual three day commercial fishing event held in Rockport, Maine.

Safe for Family & Pets

Sean, who is new to Vivesan writes us, "I recently called a professional carpet cleaner requesting a non-chemical based carpet cleaner that would be safe for my family and pets. Vivesan was used and my wife and I were quite pleased with the outcome of our carpets; they looked “spruced up”. I will definitely use Vivesan products in the future. Thank you for putting out reliable, yet safe cleaning products."

Professional Results at Home

Home carpet extraction machines typically lack the heat and extraction power of professional units. Good thing Vivesan works well in both. Karen writes, "I shampooed my bedroom carpet that was severely stained with all types of stains. I used a home carpet shampooer and expected typical mediocre results. I was absolutely amazed at the results. The carpet was totally clean, not a stain left with very minimal pre-treatment on my part. I have recommended Vivesan to others who have been amazed with the same phenomenal results."

Vivesan Cleaners Take Consumers “Beyond Green”

Vivesan Consumer Products

For Immediate Release
CLEVELAND, Ohio – Dec. 1, 2009 – If you have to put your hands in it, or breathe it, or walk on carpets sprayed with it, shouldn’t it be safe? National surveys show growing numbers of shoppers are asking that question when they choose household cleaners. The makers of Vivesan have an answer in the form of powerful, 100% plant-based, carcinogen-free cleaners that are safer for humans, animals, and the environment. Vivesan cleaning products are now available to retailers nationwide.

Mustard, Begone!

Recent testimonials from the Vivesan faithful:
"I spilled mustard on a pair of athletic shorts and used the Cleaner * Degreaser dispensed from a hand soap foamer and a damp medium nap cotton cloth rag to wipe it up. It took only TWO swipes and there was NO TRACE of mustard left. We were impressed." --John

Look Mom, No Streaks!

Boaters in Sandusky, OH, recently tried Vivesan Window Cleaner on their boat windows and found it to be true to what the label read: Streak Free. They write, "We even washed our yellow, hazy eisenglass and may not need to replace it for a while because the product worked so well. Where do we buy?"

A Brown That's Really Cream?

A Vivesan user recently cleaned her carpet with our Carpet Cleaner. She stated, "Wow! It worked fabulously and I finally got my carpet color back to cream. It did such a good job and the true color came to life, it was amazing. I love the product."

"Green" Is Overused

When it comes to green cleaners, "green is a marketing term, not a scientific one, and in consumer marketing overall, green is probably overused, " says Brian Sansoni, who represents Big Soap as spokesman for The Soap and Detergent Association, whose 105 members control most of the estimated $16 billion-$17 billion U.S. cleaning market.

Despite Confusion, Better Cleaners In Demand

According to research conducted by Harris Interactive for SCJohnson, a majority of parents (62%) are interested in using natural cleaners to benefit their family’s health, but 44% don’t think that natural cleaners are as effective as traditional cleaners. In launching the line, S.C. Johnson is hitting hard at moms’ green conscious. According to the Nature’s Source Natural Living Survey, only 44% of parents think their family is doing enough to live naturally.