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Cleaning In Confined Spaces

Have you ever gotten down on your hands and knees in a small, enclosed bathroom with little ventilation and no windows? Once you begin cleaning with toxic chemicals you feel as though you can’t breathe and immediately realize how powerful and thus harmful the product is to your body. I’m sure many of us can relate to a very similar experience.


Living on a small island typically means making weekly visits to the grocery store. During the summer it tends to be much more of a hassle. This adventure includes a 45 minute boat ride, walking to the car and depending on where you park you may have a 5+ minute walk up a vertical incline to the car. Not to mention the drive on crazy, busy streets due to summer traffic. Once the shopping is done and the car is parked all the groceries then need to be hauled on and off the boat then from the dock to the house. Not to say island living isn’t wonderful, indeed it is.

Dying Lobsters in Down East Waters

With the recent news of lobsters dying in the Down East Maine waters, we want fishermen everywhere to realize there are safe alternatives to cleaning their boats. Fishermen no longer have to worry about toxic chemicals and pesticides leaching into the ocean and other sources of water. Vivesan offers powerful yet safe cleaning alternatives. Our products are mare completely from plants and therefore are 100% carcinogen-free – they do not cause cancer. We offer commercial marine and yacht cleaners in order to protect our water supplies as well as our environment and the ecosystem.

Toxic contaminants are growing in the Ocean

An islander off the coast of Maine worked for an environmental organization for many years. Each year they measure the amount of “contaminants” located just under the surface of the ocean. It may or may not come as a surprise to you but this layer continues to grow. Many fear this toxic layer is reducing the amount of oxygen reaching the marine life below. If the layer becomes too thick, it will end up killing off marine life including many jobs that use the ocean as a source of income such as fishing.

"Crystal Clear" Windows with Vivesan!

We had a lot of rain this week and the puppies were sure getting the windows dirty with their curiousity looking outside. Luckly, Vivesan did the trick and got all of those smug marks off the windows in no time. The nice thing about Vivesan it that we don't have to worry about the dogs licking the glass. The product label has no warnings and it's 100% plant base. Every household and office with pets should have several bottles around.

Vivebloom Strawberries Perform

A client and greenhouse owner used our newest product, Vivebloom Plant Booster, on his strawberry crop. Some of the rows were sprayed with our 100 percent plant-based product and other rows had no spray. "Wow, what a BIG difference," reported the owner of the store. His clients are truly impressed.

Next year the store owner will place signs outside his store that indicate "these plants sprayed with Vivebloom" and "These plants were not" so customers can seen the difference.

Recent Testimonials

Roxanne, a college student, recently used Vivesan Global All-Purpose Cleaner on a really old coffee stain on her bed. She told us it worked great--instantly on contact.

Linda Boyce Major wrote, "Thank you, Vivesan for saving my down comforter. We had an accident last week and my 'dry clean only' comforter was covered with blood. After a trip to the ER and an all-day picnic I came home and used my Vivesan laundry soap, then tossed it in my dryer with my 3 tennis balls. Couldn't find a speck of blood and the down was as good as new."

Full Strength: Tough on Dirt, Safe for You

While on tour of the Maine marinas, our team fielded a question from a sternman who spilled a large quantity of full strength, undiluted Vivesan Marine Cleaner on his skin. It did not burn him, as had other products he'd used in the past. The lobsterman asked us if there was going to be a problem, and why didn't it burn? We told him that it's no problem because Vivesan is 100% plant-based, and skin contact--even at full strength--has no side effects or impact on human health. His response: "Cool!"

Vivesan Tours Maine

The Vivesan Summer Tour continues onward...The Cranberry Isles Fisherman's Co-Op is an organization of local lobstermen dedicated to sustainable fishing practices. They now carry Vivesan Marine Cleaner to replace some of the less-friendly cleaners on the market.

The Brook Trap Mill also has added the Vivesan cleaning line-up. Fisherman at the Trap Company are excited to carry our line. In business for over 60 years, you can find Brooks online at http://www.brookstrapmill.com or visit one of their three locations in Maine.

Friendship Trap Carries Vivesan

The Vivesan team recently visited Friendship Trap in Maine and saw how lobster traps were made. This process is done completely by hand, and Friendship Trap has been doing it since they opened in 1977. Today, they provide the fishing industry with traps, supplies, and--Vivesan. Our Marine Cleaner is used to remove gunk from lobster traps and marine equipment. http://www.Friendship.com