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New Customer: Whole Foods Cooperative in Erie!

We are pleased to announce as of October 16, 2013, Vivesan and Vivebloom products can be found in Whole Foods Cooperative in Erie, PA!

If you are local to this area check out our products and support a local, small business who is providing safe, carcinogen-free cleaning! When you do, we would love to hear your feedback, we know you will not be disappointed!


Safe Cleaning and Healthier Lungs!

There was a recent article in Balanced Living titled "Breathe Easy: Take Care of Your Lungs" by Mark Kuhar. In the article the following was stated: "...Besides exercise and avoiding dangerous environments, what elsse can you do for your lungs? ...There is a wide variety of non-toxic, family-safe cleaning products on the market that do not release noxious odors."

Vivesan Glass Cleaner resists build-up!

Thumbnail Glass Consumer

"I am extremely pleased with the Vivesan glass cleaner. It leaves the windows streak-free, resists future build-up, and best of all, NO SMELLL! Thank you for a great product."

-Sincerely, a fisherman in Maine

Making Pure, Organic, Raw, Apple Cider with Vivebloom!

I make organic apple cider at home with my family and friends.
Using organic apples with no preservatives or additives of
any kind is very important to retain the purity of both the
taste and our health.

To avoid potential e-coli or other bacteria that may make
their way to the apples, which are mostly picked from the ground,
I wash all the apples in a tub of water with organic Vivebloom.
I then rinse the apples (twice) before grinding them.

After grinding the apples into a pulp, I wrap the pulp in a
nylon cloth to contain the solids during pressing. At the end

Newest Natural Grocery Store Client: Whole Foods Market

Waterstone Ventures is now a Whole Foods Vendor. Our products are on the shelves at the Cedar Road store in University Hts., OH and will also be in the Woodmere store in the next 7-10 days.

Vivebloom Produce Wash Meets Expectations!

A recent consumer purchased our Vivebloom Produce Wash at the Mother Earth News Trade Show. We received his comments below: Just wanted to say the Produce Wash is awesome. I have been using it since I got home and all my produce since has been tastier, more colorful, and lasted longer. Killer product!

Sweet Strawberries

This past Wednesday, 1/11/2012, while demoing our products at Mustard Seed Market, a chiropractor visited our table. He proceeded to try the berries rinsed in water, then he sampled from the bowl washed in Vivesan Produce Wash. He definitely noticed a different - the berries washed in Produce Wash were sweeter and had a more natural taste as opposed to the fruit just rinsed in water. Delicious!

Mustard Seed Market Demos

Mustard Seed Demo Oct 26

Catch the Vivesan team demonstrating our Vivebloom Produce Wash every Wednesday until December 14th. Live demos will be held from 11-3 near the produce. With $1 off coupon, you can't afford *not* to wash your fruits and veggies.

Vivesan on the Radio

Catch the Vivesan team on "My Beautiful Home" this Saturday, October 22nd, at 10 on Akron's WAKR-AM 1590. Listen live for FREE GIVEAWAYS!


Live Demo at Mustard Seed Market

Celebrate the Day of the Vegetable with the Vivesan team at Mustard Seed market in Solon, OH! Saturday, August 13, 2011 from 12pm to 4pm you'll be able to come sample Vivebloom and Vivesan products. Wear your veggie hat for 15% off!