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Making Pure, Organic, Raw, Apple Cider with Vivebloom!

I make organic apple cider at home with my family and friends.
Using organic apples with no preservatives or additives of
any kind is very important to retain the purity of both the
taste and our health.

To avoid potential e-coli or other bacteria that may make
their way to the apples, which are mostly picked from the ground,
I wash all the apples in a tub of water with organic Vivebloom.
I then rinse the apples (twice) before grinding them.

After grinding the apples into a pulp, I wrap the pulp in a
nylon cloth to contain the solids during pressing. At the end
of the day, I wash that nylon cloth in cold water using Vivesan
Laundry Soap. Now I can re-use the cloth the next time we press
apples with no worries about detergent residue getting into
my cider.

Using Vivesan and Vivebloom puts my mind at ease for all my
family and friends to enjoy the great taste of pure, organic,
raw, unprocessed apple cider!

Thank you!

-- Steve, Auburn, OH