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Crystal Clear Prefers Vivesan
Cleveland cleaning company extracts real results with Vivesan carpet cleaner.
Vivesan | Sun, 08/04/2013 - 20:21

Crystal Clear Clean Home Services(http://www.crystalclearcleanhome.com/), a full service residential and commercial cleaner, exclusively uses Vivesan Carpet Cleaner to remove allergens, stains, and dirt from their clients' carpet. They only use the best, and they should know: They tried a bunch of other carpet formulas before choosing Vivesan.

Vivesan Carpet Cleaner is carcinogen-free and effective, and great when you're dealing with super-heated water and lots of evaporated moisture floating around. Crystal Clear was looking for something that was safe for workers who would be exposed all day and homeowners who don't want toxins where their kids play. The company also needed something that could get the job done in their Giant "Green Machine."

Their specially-rigged truck is 100% self-contained. It supplies hot water (up to 300 degrees F!), suction, and collects all the waste water.



Before Carpet Crystal Clear


Carpet Cleaner After

This sophisticated system gets water incredibly hot, which loosens dirt. Vivesan molecules bind with dirt and carry it out in the waste water. If it weren't for the hard-working Crystal Clear team, you could give all the credit to Science for your sparkly carpets. Good thing Crystal Clear brings the Science, the friendly service, and the Vivesan.