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About Vivesan
Vivesan, a powerful cleaner ▪ degreaser with multiple applications, and Vivebloom, an agricultural growth enhancer, are both products distributed by Waterstone Ventures LLP. This joint venture is a collaboration between two seasoned business associates, Al Crow and David Tiber.

Al Crow has more than 24 years’ experience running a strategic tax and accounting consulting firm. He benefits from an extensive network of personal and professional contacts, and leverages those connections to promote and sell Vivesan.

David Tiber operates several business ventures in the Northeast Ohio area. With deep knowledge of operations, regulations, and process, David drives Vivesan’s development and growth. He is currently the President of JL Taylor Company, Inc., a multi-million dollar commercial electrical contracting firm.

A Revolutionary Clean

Tough dirt requires a tough cleaner to get the job done. But ‘tough’ cleaners can take their toll on the people who spray or apply the product. Users are cautioned to avoid skin contact or fume inhalation, which can be difficult under certain working conditions. “Eco-friendly” alternatives are perceived to be inferior to their toxic, petroleum-based counterparts, and often cost much more. Vivesan products are designed to change the way people perform necessary cleaning jobs by delivering both efficacy and safety.

How can Vivesan revolutionize your work?

Old Way

  With Vivesan
Fisherman   Clean boats with bleach, dump waste water into harbor  
  • Improve aquatic health
  • Increase fish yields
  • Lower cost of materials
Professional Carpet Cleaner   Wash carpets with toxic solvents  
  • Reduce cost of materials
  • Increase working time in enclosed areas
  • Increase career span
  • Eliminate cost of disposal
Horse Owner   Use costly, oil-based fly wipe  
  • Reduce cost by using water-based horse bath
  • Enjoy riding without greasy residue
Hotel Room Attendant   Use a mix of toxic sprays to clean a small, poorly ventilated room  
  • Use one, low cost product to reduce the amount of time needed to clean a room
  • Work without inhaling fumes
Janitor   Inhale ammonia based spray while cleaning windows  
  • Clean windows less often with streak-free cleaner that resists fingerprints and smudges
  • Work without inhaling fumes